True Leadership project

True leadership is an important factor for the success that companies are aiming at. It is the ability to not only achieve the desired goal, but also motivate and inspire people along the way.

True leadership & Emotional intelligence: Our Vision

True Leadership Project is focused on authentic leadership or leading from within. Authentic leaders are able to express themselves in a way which is consistent with the inner thoughts, beliefs and emotions of their true self. People will only follow with trust if you lead from within and your words represent your real truth and intentions.

The ability to deal effectively with emotions both within oneself and others refers to emotional intelligence which is an important underlying mechanism of successful leadership. Leaders who display high levels of emotional intelligence have a set of personal and social skills as well the ability to reason with emotional information, communicate with others, solve problems and make decisions.


Most people are not born with all of these skills but the good news is that emotional intelligence can develop throughout everyone’s life and horses are the perfect coaches for this!


Two white camargue horses

Horses can contribute to leadership development because they have the natural need to seek for the leader within the herd that they belong to at that very moment. They look for subtle signs in your body language and will provide feedback on your behaviour. The coach will help you to get a deeper insight and together we work on important skills needed in daily life. Learn more

Your benefits

True leadership strengthens the relationship between leaders and followers and this creates a positive organisational culture. However, leadership start from within by leading yourself, and it is not just a skill that is needed by professionals. Leadership is a mindset that is valuable in all aspects of life. The course is suitable for everyone who wants to stay in charge of their own life.


Previous experience with horses is not a requirement to participate in the Equine-Assisted Education process. There is no horse riding involved. Every individual gets the chance to work on their own goals and ambitions through hands-on ground exercises with the horses. Focusing on the positive and not on wrong or right doing.


*If desired, actual horse riding or carriage driving can be added to the activity’s. There are suitable, and gentle horses for this available at Ecurie des Iles in Hatrival (Belgium). Enjoy a beautiful ride through the nature of the Ardennes and ask for the availability and prices.  

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