True Leadership Project offers teambuilding with horses for organisations who want to invest in motivated and high functioning teams. Are you part of a team or group that would like to have an interesting and innovative experience in a fun way? One day Equine-Assisted Education is a perfect way to bring your team together and improve communication & leadership skills. 


A team performs at its best when every team member knows and accept his or her role within the team. Horses in a herd are spending a lot of time to determine the different roles in the team because for them it can mean the difference between life or death. But it can also determine the success of the company and happiness of the team members in a human organisation.

Come and experience the magnificence of the horse!  Find out yourself how horses can provide valuable insights about leadership, communication and team skills with the result of;


  • Commitment
  • Harmonious working atmosphere
  • Creativity
  • Higher productivity






Members of the team will work together on a number of exercises. The horses will guide your team through the specific exercises and the coach will facilitate the process followed by a de-briefing, reflection and discussion.

The exercises require no horse experience. It is possible to combine this educational and enjoyable experience with other activities such as actual riding, a ride in a carriage and staying overnight. The day is including  lunch and dinner if desired. Contact us for the availability and prices. click here


Individual coaching for employees is also available click here for more information.






Group of young horses on the pasture