Leadership Training



“The art of communication is the language of leadership”-James Hums-

The Training

This course is for individuals and organizations who wants to develop a better understanding about the dynamics in their teams.

True leaders face challenges with self-esteem and confidence and promoting positive feelings in others. Leadership and communication can only be effective if we are able to truly connect on an emotional level with others.

The horses guide you through specific and simple exercises on the ground providing honest feedback about your authenticity, communication and body language. The coach will facilitate the process by asking questions that reinforce the learning process. Every training session is followed by a debriefing, reflection and discussion. During the training the focus is on the process and the choices you make. There are always key results for participants, particularly in the area of self- awareness.

In Equine-Assisted Education you work on the key aspects of leadership

• Communication
• Trust
• Flexibility
• The dynamics of leadership-followership

The way of learning in Equine-Assisted Education is a whole body experience which ensures that the learning gets deep within the limbic system and is more emotional then learning in a classroom. This makes it easier to transfer the new learned skills and behaviour to the workplace and day-to-day life. Most of the training takes place outdoors, in case of bad weather it is possible to do the exercises in an indoor arena.

Version 2

No horse experience is required and all exercises are on the ground. The locations are in Hatrivall (BE) at Ecurie des Iles or in Haaksbergen (NL)., If desired, it is possible to search for a suitable location in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. The “Art of Leadership” training is a one or two-day program but can be customized for the needs of your company. Contact us to discuss desired outcomes or make a reservation for your group, company or individual needs. Follow-up coaching sessions can be scheduled if desired.

The program follows the practices and guidelines of HorseDream 2.0 for Leadership seminars, team training and coaching for development in business. However, leadership start from within by leading yourself and it is not just a skill that is needed by professionals. Leadership is a way of being that is valuable in all aspects of life. The course is suitable for everyone who wants to stay in charge of his own life.